In a divided moment following a tough political season, invite your friends around the table to talk about how we can rise above the fray of partisan politics.  Q Dinners is not about setting aside our differences; it’s about coming together in spite of the differences that threaten to divide us. It’s about committing to learn from the ideas and experiences of others. It’s about recognizing that we can accomplish more together than we can apart. As we dine together, we believe we can build and cultivate relationships, engage meaningful ideas and discover the way forward together.


November’s Dinner Theme


Managing Technology

November 12

Andy Crouch



Hosting a Q Dinner is Free & Simple

A Q Dinner is an evening experience designed for friends and acquaintances to come together in homes, enjoy a meal and engage in thoughtful dialogue surrounding our divided cultural moment. Over a shared conversation, neighbors and community members will enter into an intimate space that’s designed to be both a haven and a forum for the best ideas on the most pressing cultural issues. After an evening of intentional conversation, participants will leave with new friendships and partnership, and they’ll feel equipped and empowered to engage our cultural moment and work toward the common good together.

Q Provides:

  • 9-Minute Q Talk + Conversation Guide

  • Recipes + Hosting Guide



Your Responsibility:

  • Sign up below to let us know you’re in to host a dinner the week of November 12

  • Invite friends into your home to dialogue on a critical topic

  • Host 6+ friends for dinner and conversation

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